9 reasons to convince you to clean your gadgets!


Here I am typing this in attempt to casually ignore the layers of dust resting on my laptop screen, fading the smudges.

*looks up at the dust that has not disappeared and gets back to typing*

I am hoping most of did not have dust looking back at you, but trust me the technology we own is not as clean as it seems. The reasons I am about to give just a few to get you to grab the nearest possible cleaning equipment and fight dirt.

1. When you employ a personal assistant without needing one, that too a cat.


2. When your pets mouth is one of the less questionable things to touch your phone.


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3. When you did not catch your little sibling standing on the computer.



4. When your device accompanies to places like your washroom.


5. When you sweat more in the virtual world.



6. When you share your device with your pet.


7. When a stranger hogs your phone.



8. When the smudged screen decreases the visibility, like right now.



9. When you are prone to dropping your phone. 


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