9 Hilariously Subtle Things We Do Everyday But Don’t Notice

Like every other Desi, there are some things that we Pakistanis do that are too bizarre for words and we do them in a way as if it’s our right to do so. If looked in seriously, these are some issues that are the reason why our society is too disturbed.

1. We Just Want To Get Done With Everything ASAP, May It Involves Driving At The Speed Of Light

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 2. We Love To Take Our Money Back, But When It’s Payback Time ‘Calm The Fuc* Down Man’


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3. Our Society Doesn’t Allow Us To Talk To Strangers, Loves It When We Marry One


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4. Our Love For Loud Music And Shady Cars

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5. We Call PDA Cheap And Peeing On Road, Cool


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6. We Love Honking, Silence Is Just Not Our Thing


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7. We say ‘You Know’ after everything we say in English, You know

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8. We are so good at being ‘Indecisive’

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9. We don’t like driving in one lane, it’s too mainstream

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