9 Hilarious Words That Every Memon Uses (With Meanings)!

9 Hilarious Words That Every Memon Uses (With Meanings)!

Know a Memon family or friend? Next time when they use any of these words, make sure you reply back to them with a better one.

1. ‘Pinchaat ji potli’ (gossip queen)

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2. ‘Gadheri jo’ (stupid)

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3. ‘Wayira’ (wierdo/stubborn)

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4. ‘Ghaylo Ghandaro’ (dirty AF)

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5. Mijjo ‘matho’ na kha (stop giving me a headache)

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6. ‘Bhusi’ ne diyo (mix the food for me)

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7. ‘Airo kairo’ (what can it be *disappointed*)

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8. ‘Nikar bha nikar’ (leave brother leave)

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9. ‘Kro ghaal kare tou’ (no shit, what are you saying)

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