9 Grooming Tips Pakistani Men Need To Know

 9 Grooming Tips Pakistani Men Need To Know

We believe that Pakistani men are averse to grooming, that it would be unmanly of them to take extra care of their appearance. However this is no longer the case, in today’s day and age men are taking extreme strides for their personal grooming and maintenance. Below are some of the basics that men need to know in order to maintain a clean and well groomed exterior.


God blessed us all with two eye brows if at any point in your life you see that changing please do something about it.


2 Don’t Have More Beard Than Face

Facial Hair is in and it also increases your sex appeal to a great extent, but you must know when enough is enough.


3 Shave The Day

If you’re one of those people who likes keep it clean, that is shave your beard completely off the best advice I have for you is DON’T! And if you absolutely have to because of your job or various other reasons STILL DON’T DO IT! #BEAMAN


4 Trim Away Your Troubles

A hair cut won’t hurt you! Trimming your hair every few weeks will keep your hair from looking shabby or unkempt.



5 Be Bold Not Irrational

Fashion is what suits you; you should not try to fit in to all the popular clothing trends of the season especially if they don’t suit you.


6 Deodorant Man’s Best Friend

Men deodorant is not a luxury it is most certainly a necessity.  Pakistan is a hot country, but you still have to stay smelling fresh. If you sweat too much buy deodorant which is extra strong and long lasting. There is absolutely no excuse for B.O.


7 Brush Bhai Brush Zeyada Baat Nahi Chief Saab

This one is more of a request than a grooming tip, men should always take extra special precaution when it comes to oral hygiene. Every Pakistani man’s washroom must have toothpaste, a toothbrush, mouthwash and floss. Also carry mint or gum with you if you feel you have a serious mouth odder problem.


8 Button Band Kar Bhai

No one has any interest in being introduced to each and every individual chest hair of yours on their first meeting with you. Please keep them buttons closed! The exceptions to the rules are if you are wearing a Polo T shirt or if a bee has founds its way in to your shirt and you are in the process of removing it before the bee stings you.


9 Keep It Simple

Finally keep it simple you don’t need to go over bored with the grooming and styling. Just stay fresh and clean, make fashion and grooming choices that suit you and most importantly be confident it will ooze from your appearance.


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