9 Epic Moments When My Dad Called Me A Haramzada

There are a few ironic things that desi fathers just can resist saying… like calling their own son a ‘haramzada’… Desi parents have a funny way of showing their love and also anger.

1. After An Accident

2. After Seeing The Credit Card Bill


 3. When He Saw Me Sleeping


4. When He Walked In While I Was Smoking Up

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5. When I Miss ‘Jummay ki Namaz’

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6. Caught Me With My Girlfriend

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7. Whenever I Say ‘But Dad Aap Bhi Tou . . .’


8. When I Screw Up Something…

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9. Naya phone?

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Well, no matter what they say, there is one thing we know for sure… they never mean to hurt us, but to make sure that we don’t go through the tough phase they went through. We might not like when we hear them yelling at us cursing us, but when the anger simmers down, we realise how meaningful these small things are. Behind their anger lies pure love. When we grow up and we recall them calling us trash… It automatically puts a smile on our face! Thinking how lucky we are to get this desi kind of love. There are people who are deprived of this. We are one of the lucky ones! Let’s enjoy their company, love and respect them. Don’t worry if they call you Haramzada, it’s more like ‘I Love You’ in desi dad language! 😀

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