9 Absolutely Dumb Things People Do In A Horror Movie

Horror movies are quite usually packed with stupid people with stupid people who do stupid things that get themselves killed. You’re very easily able to identify those idiots because those are the ones that make you get and yell at the screen.

1. Everyone Is An Idiot


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The first instinct is too run maybe..?

2. Having Long Conversations On The Phone With The Bad Guy

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Come on, whom are we kidding… We don’t even talk this long to our best friend, let alone a creep.

3. Stop Encouraging The Murderer To Come And Kill You… Please!

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It is not a display of bravery, instead it shows how stupid the character is!

4. The Killer Obviously Only Has One Intention, That Is To Kill You..


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And Then They Say The Dumbest Thing..

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Obviously, the killer is not going to romance you!

5. Horrible Decision Making Skills


6. Running And…


Tripping, Ofcourse!


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7. How About More Doing And Less Screaming For Once?


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8. So You’re Saying You Can’t Fight Back A 3 Feet Doll..?

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Apparently Not…


9. Even The Dolls Are Judging You Dumb Human



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