This Is Not How Muslims Pray! ‘911: Lone Star’ Wrongly Depicts Namaz In A Scene

Namaz 911LoneStar

Islam is one of the most misunderstood religions across the world. Similarly, the practices of Islam also get misinterpreted especially by the west. Recently, the makers of the famous television series, 911LoneStar did an unpardonable mistake in the series. The director showed a girl offering prayer, which she offers absolutely wrong.

In the viral video, the girl is offering a prayer without placing her hand on the chest. Most importantly, the girl is half bowed while praying with her hands on her knees. Well, this is not an act of ‘Namaz’ and it is wrong.


Source: Twitter

The sad thing is such a famous series with millions of followers saw something on the name of Islam, which is not Islamic. Besides, how negligent is the director who does not even know how the people of the second-largest religion offer namaz?

On the other hand, people on social media blatantly bashed the director for his blunder.

Fainting? Stretching? or what?

‘Not praying. It looks so uncomfortable’

They do this purposely. Your thoughts?


If it were a Muslim show and a Church scene???

Ah ow!

Namaz is the most cardinal aspect of Islam. Namaz has various advantages and benefits and it is one of the five pillars of Islam. How lame of the director of 911LoneStar, who did not even google the way of offering prayer. Many are saying it is purposely if it was then they did wrong to their series, not to the Muslims.

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