Here Are 8 Weirdest Things Pakistani Guys Do That Women Literally LOVE!

So, this has to be a talk in all women’s clan – What are the most non-sexual turn-ons that they see in men? Trust me, the conversation would be the most interesting thing you’ve ever had! Sometimes, these could be the weirdest, but you still like them.

Speaking of all these weird things that men do unintentionally, are liked by women. And if you are a guy who is reading this and wants to know the reason for it. Boy, trust me, there is noooo reason! Just no explanation. You better enjoy the appreciation. 😀

1. Wearing cologne


Nothing could be better than seeing your man all dressed you, and when you go near him he smells AWESOME AF!!! Dammit.

2. Bad-boys


Remember that one time when you someone tried to act funny with you, and your man just came from the back to teach who’s the real “Bad-Boy”? That’s sexy. Okay?!

3. Crocky morning voice


This is that one thing that every girl would relate to! YES!! WE LOVE ITTT

4. Messy Hair

Yes, messy hair! Not like the deliberate made-up messy hair. But unintentionally, when they have messy hair being too busy in their work!! It is just… Wallah!

5. Rolled up sleeves


Je haaan!!! Call it informal but we love it. When guys are in the process of rolling the sleeves or when they approach you with rolled up sleeves. <3

6. When they insist on walking with you while crossing the road

When you are walking on the pedestrian and you are on the outer side, which is the road’s side. So, he pulls you to the other side and he walks on the outer side. BOYS!! This never goes unnoticed! We appreciate this kind act of protection.

7. Eye contact


Ooooo lala! So, you are having a very casual conversation over chai, and he looks you in the eye to make his point and understand if you are listening. Oh yes! We sure are listening at that moment. But sorry just got carried away by the way you looked in the eye. HAWTT!

8. When they stare at you when you are looking away but you can feel the eyes on you


There’s this thing that maybe many girls would agree to it or maybe not. That when you don’t know and someone is looking at you but you feel those eyes on you. But when your man does it; they try to take advantage of us not looking at them and they are taking a full view of us. Mr., we know what’s happening and we let you have that moment.

Do you agree with this? Tag your bestie if she too can relate to it, or rather tag your main man. Let him know what you appreciate. Cheers. 🙂

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