8 ways to say “I Love You DAD” without saying I love you!

I Love my DAD

With fathers day leaving us, you probably did something special for your dad. A present, a card or just a wish. Whatever it was that you planned all of it, was great I am sure. Your father appreciated the gesture and will love you even more than before now.

But do you think that one day is enough to tell your father how much he means to you? Of course not right. You love him a lot. You know that and he knows that as well. The thing is we dont say “I love you” to our fathers as we do to our mothers. Whether it is that it seems awkward or both of you might get uncomfortable. Whatever it is the three words that express love are rarely said to a father. This is not just prevalent in our culture but it is common throughout the world.

Well, no need to worry. After you are done with the fathers day festivities, you can follow this article in showing your father love without saying the uncomfortable three words.

Ask him about his life

We as human beings are fascinated by stories and struggles. Stories of people not giving up in the face of adversity, we love hearing such stories. We love such stories so much but yet we fail to realize that the best storyteller is in our home.

Our fathers have lived their lives going through everything in this world and overcoming every adversity. If we would just take a little time and learn about their lives we would come out of the story session wiser than before. Showing interest in your father’s life will tell him that you respect him and you see him as a hero. This is one sure way of making him feel good and hey it is a win-win situation!

Ask him for advice

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Asking for people for advice is a very vulnerable thing to do. So when you ask someone for advice it is a clear signal for that person that you respect their opinion, which in turn means that you care about them.

Asking your dads advice is the best thing you can do. Not only for him but for you as well. He is someone that has immense experience in life and as I said before has experienced almost everything. His advice would be golden and guaranteed to work. So, asking his advice would allow you to solve your problem. Along with this benefit, your dad would feel really happy that you considered him and asked for his opinion on a matter. Keep in mind that your dad is a treasure trove of knowledge and he literally waits for you to ask him for advice.

So the next time you are stuck in a jam remember your dad!

Give him his due credit

This point doesn’t mean give him credit for fixing a light bulb. By this point I mean that give him his due credit regarding you. Look, our parents love seeing us succeed. They love to hear stories of our wins and they love it when we achieve our goals. So, brag about your achievements but afterward tell your dad how you couldn’t have done it without his help. Tell him how he made you into who you are right now. Tell him that his hard work was inspiring to you, tell him that he inlisted your work ethic in you and tell him that his constant support is the thing that got you the success you currently have.

Your dad will appreciate all of this and would deny the credit. But know that you made him super happy and proud both at the same time.

Take interest in his activities

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As we grow older we start to drift away from our fathers emotionally. We stop hanging out and conversations are limited to asking about each others day. Well if one thing says “I love you” without actually saying it, is doing stuff together.

Take an interest in his activities, find out what he likes to do and do it with him. Whatever it may be, it is guaranteed to make him happy and let him know that you love him.

Involve him in your decision making

I cannot stress this point enough. This is the single most excellent way to show your father you love him. This is a clear telling sign to your father that you love him, care for him, value his opinion and look for his approval. Whatever the decision may be whether it is study related, work-related or personal life-related. Ask away, he will share his wisdom and you will end up making the right decision while he will end up feeling really happy.

Remember him throughout the year

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It is easy for us to forget that parents need love and affection too, they are humans just like us. Whether you live away from your parents or live with them, remember them throughout the year. Meaning that dont just say I love you and give them gifts on mothers day and fathers day.

Remember your father, a man who sacrificed his entire life for you and if asked to sacrifice more he will in a heartbeat. Give him a random gift, leave him a voice note thanking him or give him a card for being the best dad in this world. Love him as he loves you!

Get him in on your favorite shows

Sharing what you like with your father is another way of telling him you love him. It is as easy as recommending your favorite shows to him and watch it with him. Furthermore, you can involve in pop culture. Like, sharing memes with him or telling him about your favorite artist.

Give him your time and attention

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Parents only want two things from you, your time and your attention. They don’t want money or any material stuff. All they want is for you to sit with them and have a heart to heart. Especially your father. You probably give your mother more attention than your father. He probably doesn’t say anything but it matters. So give him your time, take him out or just have a guys night in watching sports. Just make an excuse to spend time with your old man!

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