8 Ways Our Parosis Annoy The Hell Out Of Us

Struggling with your super irritating neighbors? Are they nosy? Are they chipku and are they always hanging around at your place? Well, we all have them! And we know, there’s not much we can actually do about it.  But, here are just a few things they do which totally drives us crazy!

1. When you send over some delicacies and the aunty never bothers to return your dishes. “Khaali hi bhejden usi waqt jab do hafte baad bhi khaali hi deni hain.”

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No, really, show some courtesy will ya?

2. If you live in an apartment, the annoying kids who play and clamour about all day are never asked to shut their little mouths.

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Such parents literally need to take some parenting classes! No kidding!


3. When they watch TV and listen to songs on full volume (oh, that too at night) as if it’s their baap ka mohalla! Kahin aur jakay party karo na!

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“Kuch sharam hoti, kuch haya hoti hai. Raat k 2 baj rahe hain. Koi insaaniyat naam ki cheez bhi hai?”

4. Slam their doors and bang their dishes while dish-washing and you can literally hear every little noise they make!

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Yeah, break everything you own and scream at the top of your lungs..

5. When they ask for dhaniya, podina and cheeni every single time assuming you have a secret garden in your house.

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 Basically, the only thing you CAN do – NOT ANSWER THE DOOR! HA!

6. Some even go to the heights of borrowing your fancy dresses if you are a girl. NOPE, NOT AT ALL.

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Note to self: One does not simply let a neighbor borrow your 20,000 ka jora.


7. When that saamne wali aunty drops by twice a day and says, “aapke haath ki chai peeni ayi hoon.”

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The next time she comes, just say you have run out of tea and sugar. Oh and milk! 😛

8. When they ask you to babysit their little monsters when they have somewhere important to go. “Hamare liye paida kiye thay?”

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We aren’t farigh. We have things to do as well. Why don’t you feed this information in your puny  little brains?

How do your neighbors annoy you? And on a scale of 1-10, how bezaar are you of them…

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