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8 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Pakistanis

If you’re a Pakistani who’s dumbfound by the ongoing crises in the country, we have just what you need to rejoice your love-life this Valentine’s Day. Here are some unique gift items to spice up your romance!

1. Their safety being the biggest concern, what better than a customized bulletproof-vest?

2. Dogs, cats and parrots are mainstream. Give them something to cherish upon this Eid.

3. She’s willing to go out but scared of her family? We suggest the Shuttlecock-Burqa.

4. She wants to cook a meal for two but there’s no gas? A full cylinder might just surprise her.
Gas Cylinder

5. Ghost hospitals with no doctors? No worries, give them their own medical-kit.

6. Cars don’t run on love. Give them the petrol they deserve.

7. Load-shedding interrupting your love parade? Voila, an adorable Chinese fan.

8. Want to gift your partner a great phone? In Pakistan, it’s best if you don’t have the best phone. Nokia-1100-in-black



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