8 Types Of Fawad Khan Every Girl Wants In Her Life

Fawad Khan has taken the world by storm. He’s topped the “Sexiest Men In Asia” List and won the hearts of Pakistani and Indian women.

1. Bond From Jutt And Bond

The silly enthusiast who might be a little slow to begin with but will be the best man of your life.

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2. EP

The wacky lead singer from the Pakistani rock band who’ll go above and beyond for you.
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3. Zaroon From Zindagi Gulzar Hai

The straight forward, out spoken and liberal yet Fawad Khan has his traditional values intact

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4. Vikram Singh Rathore From Khoobsorat

He’s a prince! The powerful eye-catcher whose love will change the way you thrive and the one who’ll take a bullet for/from you but will always stand for what he believes in.



5. Asher From Humsafar

 The one who can woo you out of your tough exterior and adorably convince his parents too download (1) copy

6. Hassan From Dastan

 The old school lover-boy who’ll love you till the very end

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7. Sarmad From Khudda K Liye

Who wouldn’t want a cute guitar playing cousin?


8. Jamaal From Behaad

 The charming one who’ll turn over a new leaf just to be with you


Enough said to fall in love with him already, don’t you think?


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