8 Times When Women Think Men Are Vulgar

There may be many men who are very different than this list provided. Some may relate to some points but it’s a very general view of them .

1. Sense Of Humor

Men really like dirty jokes , and not just dirty they enjoy disgusting jokes about toilets , pimples ,puss , death .when they don’t joke about such disgusting things they will joke about women their most favorite topic .


2. Their love for gawking at women 

Majority of men do this , there may be many who do not, but whenever a pretty women walks by them there eyes start to gleam and they can’t help but stare awkwardly.


3. Why are they so angry all the time?

 Most men are very bad at handling stress , they burst like balloons sometimes and all of there frustration is taken out on you !


4. No Fashion Sense 

Most have very loud choices for them selves and also for the women in their lives   they will want you to wear red in June with golden heels while you have to travel in the local bus all day …


5. No ear for poetry , no eye for art 

Some men have bad taste in; or no taste at all for poetry, some can’t even admire beautiful pieces of art.


6. Eat Like A Hogg

 Their over eccentric love for stakes , meat and those payee , maghaz …..

giphy (2)

7. They Are Just So Messy 

They may sit in really dirty place and work for hours .They live a very untidy life usually .May be not all of them but most of them .


8. The only NO they understand 

Moreover they  cant read between lines and misunderstand politeness as a green signal from women  , sometimes they take general manners as ‘interest;.


If you say I am sorry I am not interested they will still persist , if you press you lips tightly and keep on saying no for 30 minutes they will not stop .There is only one way to say NO and that is ………

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