8 Things You Can Only Do With Your Best Friend

1. You can share your each stuff with each other without any hesitation

Hey can I borrow you black shirt. Yeah sure it’s the same shirt I took from your cupboard last year; pass me your soda drink.


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2. You can do all the weird things in front of your best friend that you can’t do it even in front of your family.

Hey did you just fart? Yeah so what?


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3. You always give honest comments to your best friend knowing that they won’t get hurt.

”You are looking choori (sweeper) in this dress, better to take it off choori.”



4. You can talk endless about all of your crushes.

”I saw him again today and he was looking hot like OH MY GOD!”


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5. You won’t judge each other no matter what worst thing you’ve done


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6. You always remember your best friend while planning future

”We will marry in a same hour with twin brothers and out children will be each other’s best friends.”

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7. You share your assignments and homework

‘Yar I forgot to do my assignment. Can you send it to me, I’ll edit it little bit. Yeah sure no need to edit it though”

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8. You always want your best friend to look good

”You need to have haircut now you are having split ends”


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