8 Things You Can Relate To If You Are Part Of An All Sisters Clan

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Nowadays, there are So many cases we hear that people have 3 daughters, 4 or maybe 5 and no brother (Omg. Omg that’s a Gunnah???). So, if you are one of 2 or more sisters, you can relate to the following points; and believe me meri behnon, ye humare dil ki awaz hai

1. Allah Beta De


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When your mom tells any AUNTY of your family or the society, “Nai, beta nai hai” and they are like, “Ohh ???, Chalo Allah tumhain beta atta karey”

*Tou hum kia hain? Kaddu!! like literally wanna punch their faces, but tarbiyat ????*

2. Farishte Aate Hain, Aunty!


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People often ask you, “Bahir k mamlaat manage kese kr lety ho?” Khudaai Fojdaar Or Farishton Ki Madad se Aunty!!!

3. Maahi Munda!!!


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Your youngest sister is often a maahi munda type of a girl. *now this is my favorite thing and I support it. Yay!! ???*

4. Super Mom, We All Love You


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Your mom is a super mom then.

*I love my mom too*

5. Tanz Kay Teer


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You are given special attention on your male cousins’ wedding “Kyun ke is ka tou bhai bhi nai hai”.

*Especially that “Gharoli” scene*

6. Confident Or Papa Ki Princess


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You are either overconfident or too much of a “papa ki princess”.

(Because using the word “Dull” would be Brutal???)

7. Beta Bhi Ho Or Beti Bhi


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Often said by your parents, “Tum hamari betian bhi ho or betey bhi, Keep making us proud”

*And especially when you’ve passed by Good marks*

8. No Male Dominancy At All


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You can freely move in your home and eat whatever you want because bro-dominancy wala tou scene he nai hai na.

*That maa k ladla, Ughh. Ammi mennu leg piece paa diyo wale*

So girls at the end of the day, you are perfect, you are the best. Your personality shouldn’t be affected by the absence of a BHAI. That was fate, and whatever you do is what you’re accountable for.

Break the stereotypes and khudaraah don’t be that kinda Aunty jinho ney humara jeena haram kia hoa hai.

(Mera tou dil krta ek ceremony rakhwa lu jahan sab aa k afsos kar sakain k ohh “bhai” nai hai. Dafuq). ????

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