8 Things Women Judge Other Women For

Nowadays, women have set high standards for themselves, but regularly feel insufficient about their competence in the meantime.  Things can go pretty ugly if the inner cat of the woman unleashes. Who even judges another woman by their appearance or by what they do? Seriously, if you’re one of them, it’s high time you have a look at yourself in the mirror and question yourself – “Who the hell am I to judge?”

However, we have comprised a list of things that make women judge other women.

1.  Weight – This has to be the ultimate threat. Too moti, they’ll ask you to go on a diet. Too dubli, they’ll ask you if you’re on a hunger strike.

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2. Khoobsoorti –  Judging you by how pretty you are and the way you look.


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3. Height – Just because they’re tall with their super model wali height means you’re a nobody. 

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4. Fashion Sense – If you do not own a mehnga designer suit, get ready to be judged whenever you’re around them.

fashion sense

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5. Wearing too much make-up – Just because they have been blessed with ‘clear skin’ means applying makeup is a bloody crime.

Fashion sense

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6. Intelligence – Because they have gained a little knowledge means, they will correct you whenever they find a chance.

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7. Confidence –  At times, they do get in trouble for their ‘over-confidence’ ! HA! It just backfires..


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8. Language – They will have a conversation with you in English even if they speak tooti pooti themselves. “Like, omg! Eengleesh mein baat karoo!” 


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If you have women around you who do all this. It’s time to kick them out of your lives, because they have nothing better to do. Such women have insecurities which they ‘try’ to hide by judging other women and in fact, this just proves their own insecurity!

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