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8 Things That Prove ‘Ali’ Is A Powerful Name

In every aspect of life, people with the name ‘Ali’ tend to strive for excellence, be it their first, middle or last name. Here is just a preview of the power that comes with their name!

1. Music

Nusrat Fateh ‘Ali’ Khan, Shafqat Amanat ‘Ali’, ‘Ali’ Azmat and ‘Ali’ Noor = Legends. Need we say more?

2. Boxing

Number 1 – Muhammad ‘Ali’


3. Modelling

Always in the lime-light for more than 1 talent – Ayyan ‘Ali’


4. Politics

Quaid – e – Azam Muhammad ‘Ali’ Jinnah


Shaheed Zulfikar ‘Ali’ Bhutto


5. Cricket

Rising Pride of Pakistani Cricket Team, Bowler – Asad ‘Ali’


6. Acting

Naam kya . . . looks hi kaafi hain – Hamza ‘Ali’ Abassi


7. Entertainment

No one does desis like this guy  . . . not even desis themselves – Zaid ‘Ali’ T


8. Hazrat Ali

 Is there a greater honor than to be named after the Sword of Allah?


Know any well-rounded talented Ali’s?

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