8 Things That Make Desi Life A Continuous Soap Opera

Being a desi itself is challenging, we struggle with never-ending issues like a pro. Our life is a roller-coaster ride and basic enemies are freedom, values and provoking relatives. We are dealing with smart-mouthed people on daily basis. Being tagged is a new swag, I guess people are so free these days. They want to impose their ideals on everyone. “Why are you late”,” what you are wearing”, “your friends are tacky”, ” woh sahi larki nahi Hai”, “you  have a girlfriend *Astagfar*” and the most common weapon that aunties use is “my son is an engineer”.

1. Dreadful Food Encounter

Why do we have to eat the same typical authentic boring traditional food. Rotis are not cool, we want invigorating dishes. The most common problem is that all the non- traditional dishes are expensive *Sigh*


2. Household Chores

 We are not your kam wali masi, if she is absent that’s not our fault. Why do we have to wash dishes and clean our rooms. We never asked your help for personal favors. Dear mother and father, can you please attend my accounting class I’m leaving for a date *Wildest Dream*


3. What Is Personal Space

We are one big happy family, what is privacy. Parents are our reporting authorities. You should follow the old same rules. You are too young for night outings, late sitting or sleepovers. Your friends are terrorists, rapist or kidnappers. No matter what you have to attend boring dawats with no chances for escape.


4. Annoying Relatives

In our culture relatives are thought to be a blessings, however sometimes they really make us question why we have been so “blessed” with them in our lives. They will question and prove you to your breaking point.


5. The Hey Relatives

It’s none of your freaking business what we are up to and what we are doing. Spare us and try to work on your own damaged personalities.


6. Never Ending Comparisons

Our competition is from khala ka engineer beta or Chachua Ki doctor beti. Why can’t we live in peace, it doesn’t  whether we are doctors or engineers.


7. Gossips Mongers

Never-ending discussions about us in our circle. ” Sub kay sub Chand Nawab ban jatay hain”

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8. Marriage Saga

“Aur kb hori hai shadi ?”marriage is not the only goal in this life. I know people do attend marriages for lavish dinners. My question is why for your craving you are spoiling someone’s life. If you are soo interested go and find someone for yourself.


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