8 Things That Happen When You Lose Your Phone!

We have got so attached to our electronic devices that losing your phone is like losing a part of yourself. You literally go through different stages of trauma when you have lost your cellular device…

1. The Phone Hunt

You retrace your steps and start frantically looking for your phone in every nook and corner of your house, car or office. There is not a single bed sheet, cushion or article of clothing that you leave unturned.

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2. Checking If Your Friends Have Hidden It

We madly check our friends, siblings or coworkers pockets to see if they are just playing a prank on you.

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3. The Disconnect

Once you realize that you might have actually lost your phone, you run frantically to your laptop and log your phone out of all your social media platforms.

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4. The Accusation Period

This is when you start blaming random people for stealing your phone; the office peon, your maid at home, your driver or just some random suspicious guy you encountered earlier that day.

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5. Getting Frustrated

You get angry and upset at yourself for being so careless and losing your phone. You start to think if you had been a little more careful with your things then you wouldn’t have had to face such a calamity.

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6. Calling To Get Your Phone Blocked

By this time you have come to terms with the fact that you have lost your phone for good. However you feel that if you can’t use it, no one else should get to either. You start calling CPLC and get your phone locked.

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 7. Hoping And Praying That It Will Somehow Magically Turn Up

You still have a sliver of hope that just somehow, by some miracle, it may end up showing up from anywhere.

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8. But If It Does…

Then you will instantly regret all the initial steps you had taken and the phone would be absolutely useless to you

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