8 Things People With Migraine Will Understand

Do you also experience that intense throbbing pain, like someone’s striking you with a large hammer every second? Yep, you’ll be able to relate to these:

1. You wish people understood the difference between a normal headache and a migraine.

Here’s the thing; you downplay the agonizing pain we suffer by referring to a migraine as “just a headache”. Say that to someone whose migraine has just been triggered off, and I guarantee you nothing short of a punch.


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2. And when they tell you of these remedies that they know will “definitely work!”

No, just because your uncle’s son’s colleague relieves his migraine by exercising, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. People have spent their entire lives with their migraines, and they know what will (there’s nothing) and won’t work.


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3. And go satisfy their migraine-curiosity elsewhere

“So, is it like, a lot of pain?”


“Ahaan. On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is it?”


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4. The slightest bit of noise can be lethal.

If you’re really trying to help ease someone’s migraine, silence is the best gift you can give them. They’ll appreciate it when they’re back in their senses.

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5. And so can light.

So you’re just like


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6. That dreadful feeling when you know a migraine is about to set off;

Anticipation of a migraine is worse than the migraine itself.


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7. And when it does and you know there’s no option but to make it through the agony;

THIS is how they hit.

tumblr migraines

So we just lie in a very awkward position and wait for the excruciating pain to end.

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8. As long as they don’t put some magical element to any of those drugs, none of them are going to have any luck to help you get rid of a migraine.

godamnced migraine

What is this progress and development you speak of? We don’t even have a cure to what you all call a “simple headache”.

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