8 Things People With Acne Are Tired Of Hearing You Say

We all suffer from acne, right? Then why is it that when we are in a gathering somewhere around our relatives, that they cannot hold themselves back from saying things that they think might “help” get rid of your acne when they themselves don’t have any? We know you are just trying to help but can you, like, NOT?

Here is a list of things people with acne are tired of hearing from people that don’t have acne.

1. Beta, Did You Try Using “THAT” Facewash?

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Aunty, you might think nobody has heard of the brand you are mentioning but as someone that struggles with acne, I can assure you, I have used it as well as a million other brands and the only reason I didn’t carry through with them is because they didn’t work.

2. OMG, Your Skin Has Gotten So Much Worse!

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It really is too bad that I don’t look like I’m walking around with -10% brightness and the Valencia filter on my face wherever I go. Trust me, I feel it.

3. Let Me Tell You How I Keep My Skin Clear

– Someone that has never suffered from acne.

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You could be battling acne problems for years but someone that has never dealt with acne will always have more to say about it than you will. No, aunty, I cannot put egg on my face because remember when you told me in this January that my skin had gotten worse? Yeah, an egg mask made my skin break out. No, not all skin types react the same way.

4. You Have Acne? But, You’re A Boy…

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Please don’t assume that only girls have to suffer through acne problems. No, it is not a “GIRL THING”. Boys go through it too. And it is normal. Those scars you see on your nephew’s cheeks? Poor bloke probably had months of painful acne that has finally cleared up but left its scars behind.

5. Let Me Tell You About This Doctor At This Super Expensive Hospital

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Yes, I would very much like to go see the doctor you have suggested to me, but don’t call me every week to take updates on the matter. See gif for reference as to why.

6. You Don’t Look That Bad In That Picture, I Am Putting It Up On Facebook!

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You will probably put it up but I will be mortified for life. So go ahead. Our friendship is suspended until further notice*.

*until you put up a new picture.

7. Have You Tried NOT Using Makeup?

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No. Just don’t even think of saying that again. Just. Don’t. Makeup is a gift from God.

8. My Life Is Over

– Someone that has ONE pimple.

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Let me just tell you that I have used 3 different color correctors to conceal the sea of acne spots on my cheek and chin. But you have only one pimple and your life is over? OKAY.

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But On The Rare Occasion When Someone Doesn’t Try To Give You Unsolicited Skincare Advice…

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You the real MVP, bro.


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