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8 Things People With Bossy Siblings Can Relate To

If there’s anything more annoying than a sibling who’s your parent’s clear favorite, it’s a sibling who loves to boss you around and thinks of you as a god-given servant.

Here are some things you will be able to relate to if you have a bossy sibling

1. Their work often has to take priority over yours

You’ve got an exam tomorrow? Too bad. They need a glass of water. Go get it.

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2. They’ve blackmailed you into covering up for them countless times


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3. You have been experimented upon numerous times


But I’m going to do it anyway because you’re my lab rat.

Source: tumblr.com

4. If you ever use their stuff, prepare for hell

IF you take their stuff AND lose it, well, God help you:


Source: mashable.com

5. But they can, and do, use yours all the time

marcel- damon-central

Source: damon-central.com

6. No food item belongs to you in the household


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7. And you’ve forgotten all about your favorite TV shows


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8. They can always make your parents listen to them, and you just can’t defend yourself

This helpless life;


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The best part, however, is that if anyone else bullies you, your bossy sibling will do everything to make sure you’re safe and well.



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