8 Things Only Someone Doing ACCA/ CA Can Relate To

1. When you bring a 100 something modules from the institute

Your first step towards a bright future!

2. Championing the art of failing

Whats a CA who hasn’t tasted failure in exams unless you are the lucky one’s who have cleared the exams in the first go. Even if you fail you know it’s not a big deal because most of your friends have failed miserably too!


3. Exploring different career options simultaneously

What if I dont clear? What am I gonna do? Did choose wrong career path? What are the other backup plans? After all cracking the CA exams is not a child’s play.


4.You dont have a social life

Always busy in classes or articleship


5. Never ending love for outstation audits

Everything company financed, plus free air travel all the time!


6. Your parents are super proud

“Aakhir hamara bachha CA kar raha hain!”

7. You most probably do this in the office; everyday!

8. And before you realise you reach a ‘proper age’ to get married…

While people keep asking you as when you are going to marry you are still struggling with amendments in CA final!


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