8 Things Only Book Lovers Can Relate To

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Well, they say a dog is a man’s best friend, but for a book lover, it has always been a book that makes them forget about the rest of the world.

1. The Smell Of Books


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Whenever you buy a new book, you feel the cover, sniff the new book, the smell gets you high and then you read it.

2. Pronouncing Words The Way You Want

When you don’t know how to pronounce a certain word in a book, you just substitute it with your own gibberish word in your head.


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3. Those Crazy Moments

The only time you put down a great book is when you have to sleep or eat.


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4. I Actually Move With The Story

You don’t read books, you climb inside them


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5. Those Awkward Moments


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That moment when you shout no!, because something epic happened in a book and no one else gets it

6. Reading Is Dreaming


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You feel reading is like dreaming with open eyes

7. Relating Yourself With The Character In The Story


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You always relate people to some character in a book you have read

8. Movie Or Book?


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You are always among the one’s who claim that the books were way better than the movies.

If you are a book lover and people around you call you a nerd, don’t pay any heed to it because only a true book lover can understand this world.

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