8 Things Only A Shopaholic Would Understand

1. Shopping is the one and only cure for everything

Whether you’ve had a fight with your parents or had a bad day at work, shopping has the power to make you forget everythingshopping- parhlo

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2. The word ‘SALE’ brings out the crazy person in you


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3. When in doubt you remind yourself that:


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4. You don’t need to workout

Because it is physically possible for you to carry more than your own body weight back to the car. You’ll find the strength somewhere for the things you love.

shopping cardio- parhlo

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5. Money may not buy you happiness but it helps you buy things that make you happy. Same thing bruhhh!

If I have money I can go shopping and shopping makes me happy so that means money can actually buy you happiness, so there!


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6. You know your credit card number by heart

You never know when a bargain might appear online; one must be prepared.

credit card no. parhlo

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7. You don’t thin k twice before buying something that you’ve fallen in love with at first sight

Because, well, pasiey isi liye tou kamaaye they

shut up and take my money- parhlo

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8. You don’t have enough space in your closet

But you’re still going to buy more stuff. Or maybe even a new cupboard if you have to.


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