8 Things All Medical Students Can Relate To

Medical students are the Gods of our money-obsessed-status-conscious society for two reasons. A: People just assume that money will automatically flow into the house of everyone who has opted to study medicine. And B: they’re just astonished by the fact that you devoted so many years to education.

Here are some of the things all medical students will be able to relate to:

1. Realizing Medical School is nothing like Grey’s Anatomy

There’s no McDreamy or McSteamy. Or a Meredith, for all you boys out there. It’s just a lot of studying and sleepless nights.


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2. Speaking of sleepless nights

With night shifts and never ending syllabus content, sleep is a luxury you can no longer afford .

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Don’t pretend like you haven’t thought about those rail tracks.

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3. Jargon has become your first language

Acetaminophen. Cardiomyopathy. Dystocia.


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After a while you just start using them out of habit around people, and they think you’re throwing around fancy words to appear cool.

4. You’ve diagnosed yourself with about 63,748 diseases by now

You’ve learnt about so many diseases and symptoms even a sneeze will convince you you have cancer.


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5. And you can’t help but over analyze and diagnose your friends and family too

youre dying

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There goes your social life. Or what’s left of it.

6. You watch your non-med friends get jobs, get married and start families while you’re still stuck in medical school

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7. You’ve stuffed so much information in your brain you think it will explode any minute


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8. Trying to convince people that there’s usually a LONG, LONG way before you start earning the big bucks

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And that you deserve all the money in the world for the struggles you’ve been through.

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