Here Are 8 Things About Accountants That We All Need To Know

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People think accountants are boring. They have no life and the are generally have a dull personality. Some of these general perceptions might be true, but all of them aren’t. Maybe there’s a reason why they all look so boring? Maybe their work is tough? Maybe they are always busy calculating numbers in their heads? It can be anything. So, here’s a list of things that every accountant on planet earth would want all of you to know.

1. There Studies Are Very Hard

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There are two happy days in accountant’s life. The first day when he goes to any accountancy college and the day he comes out. But the difference is that when they start, they are young but and when they come out, they are hardly recognizable. It takes a lot of time, energy and brains to study accounting!

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2. When It’s The Result Day:

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It’s indeed a miracle to pass all the exams at the same time. Failing is not the problem, the problem is to reveal the result to your parents. It takes a lot of courage to tell it to them, every time!

3. Some Perks Of Being An Accountant

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When accountants are working with their clients and they provide them with their daily lunch – nothing else makes them happier.,


4. Some Hard Questions:

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Hardest questions for them is, “Sir! Ap ki salary kitni hai ”.When you are formally dressed and the security guard of your client asks you this question, you can’t help but lie to them.

5. Some Mathematical Questions:

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When you get some questions like:

What is Five + 1?

  1. a)      6
  2. b)      VI
  3. c)       Six
  4. d)      (3×2)

And you are like, what the hell…!

6. Girls Are Aliens:

Source: Goodreads

Since they don’t interact much with girls, most of the times they are shy to talk to them.


7. Their Crush Is Meant To Marry Someone Else



Finally, when accountants have the courage to tell a girl that they like her, their exams come in between and by the time they clear their exams… she’s married to someone else.

8. The End Will Always Be The Same:

Source: The Cauldron

Be it a relationship, an exam, a weekend, a month or a year… the ending will always be the same. It will damn too busy. It’s definitely not enjoyable when you see your folks and friends enjoying weekends while you are busy on a calculator working on endless numbers.

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