8 Things A University Student Could Do If They Earn As Much Money As A Careem Captain Makes

Making money while one is studying is quite a challenging task to manage. However, as soon as the money starts to come in, you might find a thousand ways to spend it. These days, a Careem captain is making more money than hundreds of degree-holders, working in substantial firms.

Hypothetically speaking, if a university going student starts making more or less the same amount of money as a Careem captain, in how many ways could that amount come in handy? When you come to think of it, you realize that there are so many things you could do with the money whilst you’re studying!

Have a peek on eight of such things you could do if you start earning as much money as a Careem’s Captain:

1. Pay your semester fee by yourself:

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I am sure there were many times you wondered how your parents are managing to pay so much money for your semesters. Imagine having ample amount of money to be able to pay for your semester fee yourself.

2. Go on those vacations you’ve been planning for ages!

Vacationing with friends or family is one of the ultimate wishes of a university student. If you had the money to afford these tours, life would have definitely become a dream.

3. Start investing your money:

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You must have come across such ventures where you want to invest some money in them for a secure and better future. Investing in a good project is definitely worth your money.

4. You could pay for your own gadgets:

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Living in a world like this, you mostly get high over new cell phones, tablets and laptops. Unfortunately, being able to afford these gadgets is an issue. However, if you have sufficient money, you’d be able to buy the new range of these electronic items.

5. Support your family financially:

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There are many times when your parents or your siblings are in need of some money and you feel helpless. Hence, supporting your family is one of the major things you could do when you have money.

6. Contribute some money for a noble cause:

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Charity is always an option that needs consideration. So if you have money that needs to be spent for a good cause, taking out some to help out the poor or the under-privileged ones is always a fine idea.

7. Buy gifts for your loved ones:

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Whether it’s a birthday or your parents’ wedding anniversary, you could always get them nice gifts to make them feel a tad more special.

8. Spend money to pamper yourself a little bit:

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Last but definitely not the least, spend some money on yourself. Being a university student is very tough. Pampering yourself to buy some food, clothes and accessories would make life a bit more special and easier to bear with.

These are some of the things we think that a university student could do if he/she earns approximately the same amount of money usually earned by a Careem captain. If you have anything to add to this list then let us know with your comments.

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