8 Things People Who Have Stage Fright Will Be Able To Relate To!

Does your heart run wild when you’re in front of the mic and there are millions of people staring at you while you fumble for words? Here are the things you’ll be able to relate to if that’s the case;

1. It’s not just the stage; speaking in front of two or more people scares the shit out of you too.


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2. And if you have a presentation in class, you brace yourself for a lethal panic attack.


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3. You’ve read all sorts of tips to overcome stage fright and attended all sorts of workshops




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4. But even at one of those workshops you’re just sitting in a corner praying to God you wouldn’t have to speak.



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5. And if it’s a REAL stage…


stage fright

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6. You feel like everyone who’s talking is making fun of you

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7. So when you mess up, you go in hiding for around a decade to avoid the embarrassment


running away

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8. But in the off chance that you pull it off well, your elation knows no bounds.



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Here’s to hoping we’ll never have to speak publicly!


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