8 Signs You're Addicted To Maggi

8 Signs You’re Addicted To Maggi

1. You don’t now how to cook but you’re the best Maggi chef there ever was

“Khaaney mein kya kya bana leti ho?” “Jee, Maggi.”

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2. Maggi over pasta anytime

Because Maggi is life.


3. Sharing is not caring when it comes to Maggi

Maggi is serious business, What’s mine will always be mine.

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4. One packet of Maggi is just not enough

Atleast two have to be made in order to fullfill your insatiable love for Maggi.

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5. Maggi is only Masala Flavor

All the others are just wannabes.


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6. You experiment with Maggi

It’s the only thing your mom would let you experiment with


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7. The Maggi picture above gave you THE feels

Here’s another:


Source: www.theunrealtimes.com

8. You’re thinking about making Maggi right now

Actually, you’re already in the kitchen.



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