8 Restaurants That Are A Must Try In Downtown Dubai!

8 Restaurants That Are A Must Try In Downtown Dubai!

1. Fournil de Pierre

Designed in the dark tones of an old-school Parisian coffee stop, Fournil de Pierre’s showpiece is the enticing patisserie counter, serving bread, pastries, croissants and tarts all baked fresh daily, including a staggering 20 varieties of bread.


Source: www.as-enseignes.com

2. Hollywood Burger

Within the supremely colourful (and merchandising-adorned) walls of this American concept, you can munch on items such as the VIP Burger (with double patties) or the sunset strips (aka chicken nuggets).


Source: www.yourateit.ae

3. Iran Zamin

This large and impressive looking Iranian restaurant has additional branches in Dubai Marina and Deira. In Downtown, the menu is crammed with saffron-scented rice, kebabs and mixed grills. At Iran Zamin, there are also regular live performances of Iranian music over dinner.



4. Ketchup

The American franchise will cook up steakhouse plates, such as hickory-smoked lamb rack and the Oxford Blue burger with blue cheese.



5.  Koffeecake Corner

At this fun-sized new café, try an extensive list of hot beverages, including imaginative sweet options such as a dulce de leche coffee and a sea salt caramel hot chocolate.


Source; www.atlascontinent.com

7. Le Maison du Café Najjar

At this Lebanese style restaurant, the staff are friendly and the menu offers a lengthy range of classics. The café also sells coffee varieties from the around the world (including a Dubai and Beirut blend).


Source: alshindagah.com

8. Mizu

This new Japanese restaurant is one of the more attractive eateries on the Boulevard, with an understated design, a full-looking sushi counter and unique private dining areas, set inside slatted wooden frames. In addition to sushi and sashimi, the menu offers classic donburi, bento and noodle options.


Source: theculturetrip.com

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