8 Reasons Why You Should Never Teach Your Parents How To Use Facebook!

God forbid if your parents are on Facebook and you have them added on your friends’ list, may God bless you!

1. The Confusions…

Every other minute you will find yourself resolving their FB issues…

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2. They Will Always Be The First One To ‘Like’ and Comment On EVERYTHING That You Post

2 copy

3. They Will Get Into Fights With Your Friends

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4. What? Did They Just Notice Someone From The Opposite Sex Commenting On Your Status? Brace Yourself For The Never Ending Taunts!

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5. They Will Disclose All Your Secrets

You will never want them to comment on your pictures… Because whenever they do, they disclose all your secrets…

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6. They Will Share Your Most Embarrassing Baby Pictures

They will make you regret the day when you taught them how to upload pictures on FB… And of course, the pictures will ALWAYS be visible to public!

6 copy

7. They Will Leave No Chance To Steal Your Limelight

This is what happens whenever you accomplish something in life and people praise you and congratulate you on FB…

7 copy

8. They Will Lecture You On Any Post You Make That’s A Total ‘No-No’ For Them

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