8 Reasons Why Lahore Can Never Become Karachi!

People have long drawn the comparison between Karachi and Lahore, but there are 8 simple factors which sets Karachi above Lahore.

Karachi has the beach!

lahore bathing



Karachi has Quaid’s Mausoleum


quaid tomb

Lahore se bara tou Karachi ka Jauhar hai!



Karachi Chicks Look Hot Even With Their Mouth Open!


Nothing Beats Karachi’s Biryani… Let Alone Phajjay K Paey!

lahori food

khi sindhi biryani

Lala – Born in Karachi – Rocking Pakistan!

lahore team

Shahid Afridi

Because Karachi Lets You Earn Big Bucks!

lums graduate


Rex business people laughing in office (1)

Politics: Samajh Tou Gaey Hi Hon Gay Aap!



There are also several other reasons which make the two cities different from each other. But, with all the differences aside, we all will always remain Pakistanis and will always remain ONE!

NOTE: This article is NOT to be taken seriously. It doesn’t intend to hurt anyone’s emotion in any capacity whatsoever. It’s all in good fun!

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