8 Reasons Why Girls Love Clean-Shaven Guys

There are reasons why most of the girls, specially in Pakistan, prefer clean shaven men over bearded men…

1. Clean shaven guys definitely look younger and less aggressive than guys with full beards.


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2. It helps more so if you have a face like this behind that scraggly beard. In this case, we’d rather you never grow hair on your face.


Source: www.ibnlive.com

3. Women find it a hindrance, an obstruction every time they want to snuggle or cuddle.


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4. You have to admit, the long scraggly, un-groomed beard looks messy and unkempt. And nobody wants to date a man who looks like a freaking hobo.


Source: www.india.com

5. According to various studies, clean shaven men are apparently more confident in life. And we all know what a smart, sharp and a confident man can do to a woman.


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6. Women deem men with a 5-day old stubble as someone who is too lazy to groom for his own good. And lazy is the last thing we would want to come across.


Source: www.thenewstrack.com


7. You’ll look classier when all dressed up. Three-piece, a great hairstyle, good cologne and a clean shaven look—that’s a score!


Source: tribune.com.pk


8. You make a better first impression in front of potential dating partners. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about your looks because you’ll always look good clean shaven.


Source: www.bollywoodlife.com
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