8 Reason Why Having A Sindhi Partner Is Amazing

1. They love to talk, so there is no awkward silence

Sindhis are experts in expressing their feelings. Anytime. Anywhere.

fahad mustufa- parhlo

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2. Drama Kings and Queens for eternity

They have the knack of throwing diva fits, of becoming absolute cry-babies or of becoming little puppy dogs with massively innocent eyes staring back you. Your heart melts, and their mission is accomplished.

haap- parhlo

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3. They love food and make the yummiest food too!

I mean come on, who doesn’t love Sindhi Biryani?

pizza- parhlo

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4. They are party animals

Occasion or no occasion, they party hard.

party hard-parhlo

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5. Desi Masti + Modern Knowledge = Sindhis

They will dance with you at weddings and will also indulge in many intellectual discussions too. They like thinking of themselves as modern-day philosophers… and sometimes you will have no choice but to agree.

intellectual- parhlo

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6. They are super romantic!

They will bring you the flashiest of presents and take you the most expensive restaurants they can afford – even they don’t have money for the rest of the month. They love making their bae feel like royalty.


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7. They are family oriented

NOTHING, and I mean literally NOTHING comes before family. They know how to value family, how to respect them and they know how delicate each relationship is and they cater to everyone’s needs!


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8. You can count on them to help you if you get in a phadda

Not because they are “Laraaka” but because they know how to say the right things at the right time.


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