8 Most Delicious Food Items In Rawalpindi You HAVE TO Try!

Here are some of the most delicious pakwans that you can find all around Rawalpindi, if you are going to visit the city in the winter break these are a few things you just have to try…

1-Garato jaleebi

Best jaleebee in Pakistan


2-Bao jee

A good place for BBQ lovers . they have best Chicken tikka .


3-Savour Foods

It is famous for its spicy rice…



It is located in phase 4 of Bahira town . You must try Ox and Grill.


5-Sardar Gee

They are famous for fish. As winter has started , it’s a perfect time to try this yummy treet .


6-Coffee Planet

Located in phase 7 of Bahira Town , this is a place which is mentioned by many famous celebrities . Who knows if you go in for a coffee and bump into some talented hunk and get an autograph or selfie.


7-Refreshment Center

It has really good crème bhaly , fruit chaat , sabz chai and dahi bahly .


8-Saeen Jee Murgh Pilao And Restaurant

As the name shows it is all about pilao and kebabs…




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