8 Mistakes You May or May Not Have Made During School

Pakistan is ranked the 3rd highest English-Speaking population. Decades ago English would get us away with job applications, higher social status and student visas. However, the present is much more complicated for those before us. There are bountiful opportunities but even bigger competition. More and more applications to select from. A person must stand out. For those who managed to run on track, congratulations! For those who are still struggling in between lines, here’s a list of mistakes every teenager has made and probably where things went wrong.

Mistake 1: Not reading enough

The dusty half-read books in your storerooms that’s what I’m referring to. Kids, movies are a good entertainment but books will make you wiser. I sound like your grandparents but it’s true. Our brain survives on knowledge. That 250 pages book you read in English literature? Your brain must’ve picked 5 new vocabularies from it and probably even some fun facts.


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Mistake 2: Not losing the wrong friends at the right time

Our mothers usually sense trouble before we have even eaten the poisoned apple from the nice old lady(“the friend”) Go with her hunch! LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER! (Which I will repeat in Mistake 3) Those friends will slip precious time out of your hands like an hourglass. How many of you remember that person who made you do something that you still regret? How convenient would it have been if they had showed their real faces earlier.



Mistake 2.1: Losing friends

Whether you realize sooner or later, everyone needs people around them. Whether you run in school elections or start a new business, it’ll be almost impossible without them.


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Mistake 3: Taking your parents for granted

You know this, you all do. There were times when we all intentionally or unintentionally hurt them with the words they’ve taught us to speak. Luckily, they’re our parents and they mostly forgive us. So, hopefully we’re still not too late to avoid this mistake.


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Mistake 3.1: Taking your teachers for granted

If you’re in college already you’re probably saying “I concur” in your head. Teachers always remember the bright kids but if you were the menace that’s okay too. As along as you didn’t disrespect them.



Mistake 4: Looking for love instead of colleges

Son, instead of saving 6 months for your girlfriend’s 16 birthday how about we throw that cash in your new savings account? Your future-self will be forever grateful. I know parents are there to pay for your college but it wouldn’t hurt to at least start saving for your expenses? Look for scholarships. At least try!

Miss Pakistan marriage and party with friends5

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Mistake 5: The Internet is your friend, use it wisely

Imagine if you could go 500 years back in time. Imagine explaining to the people then you have a device in your pocket that grants you access to all the information in the world but you use it to play video games and watch babies farting. Not so cool now.


Mistake 6: Forgetting to build a resume

Many of us are looking for internships and that’s when it hits us; we have nothing to write on our profile! Luckily, schools are always taking students for community services, so that’s a start. Find a sport you enjoy and try to excel in it. Even if you don’t become the team captain, you can still be a good team member. If your father has a business or even a job he’s comfortable to take you to, avail the opportunity. Join clubs!


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Mistake 7: Not listening to your siblings

“What is she talking about?!” I know, but hear me out. Not everyone knows what they want from life and by the time we do, it’s usually too late. In such times if you have elder siblings who have figured out a field for themselves (and if you’re flexible enough) take their help. Many occupations like medical and law become easier when there are others like you in the family to help.

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Mistake 8: Not traveling enough

My family made me travel a lot. Sometimes, even during school. Avoid that, I’m speaking from personal experience. Even if you didn’t explore any places, it wouldn’t bite. On the contrary, what do firms want more than a degree? Experience. Just like everyone deserves to experience life beyond their comfort zone. Save up. Go take that road trip with your friends/family. A bro never says no to a road trip!


I’m sure most of you have made at least one or two of these mistakes. However, the good news is… This is Pakistan. You can still make it! I believe in you. I do because I have always been late but I always made it through. Just remember to keep swimming!

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