8 Easy And Healthy Tips To Remain Fit In Your Hectic Routines.

With the start of the New Year, every single person has a resolution in which losing weight and getting healthier are on the top of the list. With this decision, your friends and family come up with a huge list of fitness tips for you and suddenly the idea of “getting healthy” starts escaping you and your interest starts to fade.

So, before your all desi and crazy friends spoil your New Year’s Resolution here we have some easy healthy tips which might be helpful for you and surprise you with the quick results.

1. Eat More Greens


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The veggie-based diet helps the body reduce oxidative stress. Just buy a bunch of nutrient-rich, alkaline-forming vegetables, especially dark leafy greens. Make sure to incorporate all veggies in your diet, as different colors represent different antioxidants.

2. Stay Hydrated


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Replace the sodas and fizzy drinks you like to consume so much with water and feel the difference. Water doesn’t only quench your thirst, it also maintains and refreshes your muscles, refuels your brain and joint protection and stimulates the immune system.

3. Make A Proper Schedule For Your Meals


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“Aaja yaar pizza ka plan hai”, “Karahi manga lun?” and I know just how hard it can be to say NO!

Create a shortlist for your meal. Instead of munching on junk food and snacks on a regular basis, cut them down or replace them with healthy ones. Also, join your friends once in a week for the “bad-perhezi”

4. Get Proper Sleep


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Try to sleep and wake up on the same time, this will create a natural alarm clock in you and optimize the quality of your sleep. If there is a possibility of taking a nap, don’t exceed the time limit as it may disturb your nighttime sleeping quality. Good sleep improves your mental sharpness, provides you with ample energy and balances your emotions and hormones.

5. A Little Excercise Is Necessary


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Usually, men prefer to join gyms and women opt for fitness clubs because according to them, they don’t have time for exercise. It has been found in studies, that with only 30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis, you can combat aids and several other heart diseases. Try to engage in all the aerobic related exercises in your daily routine for the sake of your health.

6. Learn To Tackle With Stress


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Hectic work hours and stressful work conditions sometimes push you towards depression, anxiety, and yes, stress. Before it takes over you, tackle it with some distraction at the moment and later on go for some yoga and other easy exercises to relax your muscles.

7. Proper Intake Of Dairy Products


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The requirement of your daily nutrients can be fulfilled with two cups of milk daily. So, instead of going for supplements and energy drinks, make your bones strong with some natural calcium.

8. Less Sugar, More Happiness


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The harmful effects of sugar go beyond just the visible limits, but it is really hard to leave ones sugar intake all of a sudden. Start with a slow and gradual process in which you first cut down your sugar intake to half and then slowly reduce down further till you come to a point where your body doesn’t require artificial sugar anymore. To your amusement, a recent study found that sugar is the most harmful drug which has long-term side effects. Beware guys!

By following these simple fitness tips, you would really make a difference and we hope that with our guidelines you would accomplish your New Year’s resolution soon!

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