8 Characters You Will Definitely See In Pakistani Dramas

Although Pakistani dramas are a joy to watch and every now and then you might find one which is absolutely brilliant, we sometimes over use the same type of characters which is bound to make a drama predictable and boring. Here are some of the cliched, predictable characters that we all have had to endure during a drama…

1. The Dictator Abba

Although he is a total idiot people still respect him and his dissensions, which for the most part are irrational


2. The Fasadi phupho

This character has no life of her own, yet passes her time by meddling into other peoples affairs


3. The Beybus Ammi

Conforms to the will of dictator husband, is either working in the kitchen of crying literally has no say in her own life


4. The Hot American Cousin

Usually returns from America in the 3rd episode is extremely good looking and is shown to be a good person


And of course falls in love with the gharelu Larki the first time he sets eyes on her

5. Hot American Cousins Snobby Family

His Parents on the other hand are snobs of the highest order way too upper class for their own good


6.The Gharelu Larki

Dictator Abba’s one and only daughter who he has kept under his thumb her whole life


7. Little Miss Perfect

The beautiful upper class girl who wants to marry the American Cousin, God only knows where she came from


 8.The Stalker Boy

Usually the American Cousins Best Friend who has a a huge crush on the gharelu larki but he will never let her know


Some how at the end of all the emotional khichri true love prevails and everyone lives happily ever after or at least they don’t complain about it even if they are not happy .

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