8 Challenges Justin Trudeau Faced During Elections You Didn’t Know About

Justin Trudeau’s heart decided on politics a year after he played a war hero Talbot Papineau in a docudrama (Also years after he tattooed the Planet Earth inside a raven on his shoulder). The French-Canadian, dark hair heartthrob won millions of visceral admirers long before he entered politics… But his road to winning millions of Canadians’ votes was a long and bumpy one. Here are the 8 challenges Justin Trudeau had to face whilst running in elections:

(JBTW, his first struggle was for love. He had to circle around his wife for a few weeks just to take her on a dinner date… But he was persistent).


1. His diverse resume had many skeptics questioning his abilities to even be in politics


2. He began his political career in a grocery store’s parking lot! Holding a clipboard, asking people if they would like to get a Liberal Party Membership for 10 dollars


3. For his first nomination election he campaigned with barely any political experience, a few friends and one staff member (his wife)


4. He would wakeup at 7 in the morning and stand outside a metro station handing leaflets to commuters. Later, he would visit restaurants and stores. At evening visit the seniors at community centers. Before heading home he would greet passengers at the metro station. And then do it all over again the next day


5. He was criticized by the Conservatives. They made a commercial about four people on a boardroom table dissecting Justin Trudeau’s resume. After rejecting him, one of them scoffs “Nice hair though”


6. His plans for legalizing Marijuana weren’t applauded. Conservatives took the opportunity to disparage their competitor stating Canada had greater issues than that


7. Justin Trudeau like many achievers had to sacrifice. He had to stay away from his family for most of the time during his campaigning


8. Trudeau had to assure Canadians that he was fit to compete with Mr. Harper and was not another politician who would reign over Canada for another 10 years


The charismatic, young leader evidently didn’t win life and the elections solely with his good looks and family name. Now, let’s just hope Justin’s “Real Change” is not just a false illusion for the many Canadians who gave him their votes.

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