Here Are 8 Career Tips To Follow As Soon As Possible To Settle Down In Life

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When reading through thousands of articles about career tips, it seems like you’re reading the same over and over again. Coming across a useful and fresh piece of advice is a rare thing, but if you are lucky enough, it might help you succeed in your job search and career path in general. To begin with, compare LinkedIn profile writing services to effectively present yourself socially and look through expert job search tips to boost your chances of getting a job. The tips below might help you as well:

1. Avoid Being Too Self-confident

Source: Careers in Audit Asia Pacific

A little bit of confidence has its impact on how the employer would treat you for the rest of the time. Nevertheless, being self-confident is more of a bad thing, especially during the first interview. Interviewers have no desire to hire impatient employees laying down their own conditions at the very beginning.

2. Being Fired Is Not Bad

Source: US News Money – US News & World Report

Today’s economy has problems. Companies’ bankruptcy is a frequent thing and people are easily dismissed for various reasons, therefore you shouldn’t be ashamed of being fired from your previous job.

3. Work Every Day, Even on Weekends

Source: Everyday Health

To educate yourself and know more about your possible career advancement or changing it completely to some new and unexplored industry, you have to do “the homework”. That means you’ll need to spend some time going to libraries and reading career-related books or attending Sunday classes at your community college. Yes, being a millennial is a tough job that takes up Saturdays and Sundays.

4. Networking Can be Pleasant not Only for Extroverts

Source: Truth Theory

People who have problems getting along with other ones during some big conferences, parties, and other events useful for networking, feel extremely uncomfortable socializing with large groups of people in one setting. But having one-on-one conversations there is possible as well. Just find the one that also looks like not talking to other people and go talk to him. Or have a “connector” friend that would easily introduce you to his peers.

5. There’s no Need for Advanced Degrees

Source: The Conversation

The common misconception is thought that pursuing an advanced college degree would help you achieve success. Yet, the fact remains: many of the world’s most successful people have no diplomas. So, if you’re being pressured to become a lawyer or a doctor, but it’s not really your piece of a cake and you’re passionate about careers without a particular degree, maybe there’s no need to pay thousands for college?

6. Don’t Provide References Too Early

Source: Harvard Business Review

Especially when you’re still working on a job and the interviewer at your potential company asks you to provide references before you even get an offer. The thing is they might want to call your current employer and ask some questions, which may lead to certain misunderstanding between you and your boss. And this is the last thing you’d want now.

7. Don’t Put a Lot of Trust into People

Source: Entrepreneur

Distrusting everyone is a bad idea, but you don’t want to get manipulated by some of your colleagues and employers, do you? The best way to keep things under control is staying inquisitive, listen to everyone’s opinion and value what’s in your best interests.

8. Dress Differently

Source: Money Crashers

Following other employers in the way how they act, behave, and a dress is natural, although becoming one of them doesn’t sound like a great idea.

Valerie Grillo, the chief diversity officer at American Express, recommends standing out from the crowd to show your authenticity and show how distinct and valuable you could be for your company. Yet, try to stick to the common rules of office dress code.

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