8 Signs That Prove Biryani Is The Actual Love Of Your Life


1. You Won’t Mind Having It Any Day, Anytime, Anywhere!

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2. You See It And You Know The Type Of Biryani It Is!


3. You Know Exactly Where They Sell The Most Delicious Biryani In Your City

4. The Only Concern When You Are Invited To A Wedding Or A Party

5. Nothing Disappoints You More Than A Tasteless Plate Of Biryani

6. There Is No Such Thing As Vegetable Biryani, We Call It ‘Chinese Rice’

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7. Whenever You Order Biryani You Make Sure To Instagram Its Picture


8. You Write Biryani Reviews Like Taran Adarsh Writes For Bollywood Movies – Detailed, Unbiased, Well Articulated

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