76 Mosques In France May Be Shut Down In ‘Massive & Strong Action’ Against Muslims

France mosques

France will be inspecting 76 mosques in the coming days. It’s part of a “massive and unprecedented” operation against separatism, the country’s interior minister said Wednesday. 

Gerald Darmanin said state services will be monitoring and controlling 76 Muslim places of worship. They include 16 in the Paris region and 60 in the rest of France. Meanwhile, some of these mosques may face closure. Moreover, 18 mosques will face closure by “immediate actions” at Darmanin’s request.

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He also said 66 undocumented migrants suspected of “radicalisation” had been deported.

According to the Le Figaro newspaper, Darmanin sent a circular to the country’s governors on the inspection of the mosques.

A young man had killed a teacher Samuel Paty in a Paris suburb in October. Later, raids and pressure on Muslim associations and mosques have increased.

Darmanin said on November 3, 43 mosques faced closure in the last three years since President Emmanuel Macron took office.

France is home to the largest population of Muslims in Europe. Islam is the second-largest religion in the country after Catholicism.

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Two people had lost their lives outside the former offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo in September. They were knifed. The brutal killing of three people inside Nice’s Notre Dame Basilica on October 29 also shocked the world.

And, now Muslims are being targeted. Why? The French officials need a scapegoat. However, Macron had claim France was fighting extremism, not Islam.

Critics say Macron’s government is exploiting the spate of violence to intensify his controversial anti-Muslim stance.

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