I’m a Common Person – And Proud Of It

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Do you tell everyone you bought branded jeans, even though you picked from the local market? Do you tell people how much you crave for a big jalapeno burger, when all you want is anday wala burger? Do you find yourself speaking English but adding yaar at the end of each sentence to gain reliability with the masses? Do you personally pine for doodh patti while you ordered espresso coffee just for the sake of it?

Non-veg street food in India Bun Kebab

Don’t be hesitant to admit yes to any of these scenarios.We common individual people have suffered in silence. It is the time we fought for our rights. We shall no longer be interpreted as secondary group residents.No longer shall we live in fear of being judged on our faulty accents. We will no longer hide our love for Shahrukh Khan or Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.


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We will admit how much we love our dated songs that no one has ever heard of. No longer shall we represent to be entertained by Hollywood. When people ask for our address, we won’t pause when they demand us to spell G-U-L-S-H-A-N, J-O-H-A-R or N-O-R-T-H.


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What is wrong with us?  People observed us so much, to decide what was fashionable and what wasn’t. We had all the strength.We were independent. We were impressive. But thoughts turned somewhere between the rise of Facebook and Instagram. We were taken over by the so called wannabe burgers. For too long we have suffered from their dictatorial rule. They dictate what we can and cannot like about elite class.


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They crushed us with their Nazi rule and criticise us for Abida Parveen, Honey Singh and Dhabay ki chai. We enjoyed superiority over mailas, burgers and even paindoos, but even they became ironically cool. We now remain the sole minority and suffer from torture.The only way to end this persecution is to stand up and make your voice heard.

Common People! Be not ashamed! For silence is admitting your weakness. It’s time to be proud. It’s time to tell them all, I am not a burger, maila or paindoos. I’m a common person an intellectual Karachitte.


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