What Happened When Pranksters Read Bible Passages to People, Telling Them It Was the Qur’an

In the aftermath of the Paris Attacks and later the San Bernardino shootings, there has been increased hostility against Muslims, and growing misconceptions about Islam. That many in the Western world have now come to view Muslims as synonymous with terrorists, a group of Dutchmen played an interesting prank on the people in various Dutch cities, to shed some light on this growing prejudice against the Muslims.

In a Bible that they disguised as the Quran, the pranksters highlighted passages that the modern world would see as ‘oppressive’, or ‘authoritarian’, or even as propagating violence. People from across the Dutch cities were made to read this passages out.

Some of these verses included the strict punishment for homosexuality, and the “cutting off” of women’s hands if they were to step out of the house and even “teach”.

After making these people read the verses out, the pranksters generally asked them of their views on Islam, and what the major differences between the Bible and Quran, and Christianity and Islam were.

Their answers give us an intriguing insight;


The people responded by saying that the verses were “ridiculous”, and that they couldn’t fathom why people would believe in such commands when they restricted free thinking and were authoritarian in nature. As for the differences between Islam and Christianity, the people said that Islam was more “aggressive” and that Christianity gave women more freedom.

When told that the passages were from the Bible and not the Quran, the people were shocked. Reactions of “What the hell?” followed.

The entire episode showcases how lack of knowledge about Islam, and its increasing association with ISIS has led people to harbor a very negative perception of the religion. As one of the people in the video identify, much of this misconception has to do with the media’s portrayal of Islam and Muslims.


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