A 7-year-old Girl Was Raped and Killed and Her Body Was Recovered from Trash in Kasur

One of the gravest dilemmas succumbed to our society is child abuse. It’s a grim reality that sexual predators are lurking in all directions and we have failed to protect people from them. Men, women, continue to face the horror at the hands of these monsters and now, children are apparently the victims. It happened then. It happens now, and it continues to happen; while, us? We are just silent.

We are saddened to report an incident where a 7-year-old girl was abducted and raped. The girl, Zainab, was killed and her body was recovered from a roadside pile of dump. The incident took place in Kasur, Punjab and it was also reported that her parents are away for Umrah.

Source: Twitter

The story came to surface yesterday on social media and ever since and it has angst people to the core. Her body was recovered from a heap of trash on the roadside and thereafter, more details of her circulated.

Source: Twitter

Pakistanis are absolutely shaken by this news. They have taken to social media to voice their reactions. Child abuse is a problem that we need to talk about and address on an utmost level of priority.


We need to keep wary of how these predators are lingering around us. This is why sex education is important and a dire need for our society.

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