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Rape or sexual assault is becoming a very lamentable social issue. Every day we hear such news on media and they make me feel terrible. I have written this article to help girls and ladies out there to reduce the risk of experiencing a sexual assault.

First of all I would like all of you to know:

  • Rape is experienced by the victims as an act of violence.
  • It is a life-threatening experience.
  • Sexual attraction, power, control and anger are the primary motives.

 Most Rapists Have A Sexual Partner

  • Gratification comes from gaining power and control and discharging anger.
  • This gratification is only temporary, so the rapist seeks another victim.
  • A rapist can be anyone: doctor, policeman, clergyman, social worker or corporate president.
  • Rape can and does occur anytime and at anyplace. Many rapes occur during the day and at the victims’ homes.
  • Rape is the responsibility of the rapist ALONE.

Following are the steps that you can take if you are at risk of an assault:

1. If You Have To Go Out

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2. In a Party or Crowded Festivals/Carnivals

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3. Taking Lift/ Elevator With a Stranger

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 4. Taking a Taxi at Night

Night taxi


5. At Home



6. If The Predator Has Got You



And last but not the least: Expert says when everything fails, try ‘SING’


So, these were some ideas that can protect you against such an assault.


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