7 Ways How Life Changed When I Moved ‘Pull K Uss Paar’

 These are simple changes that came about in a girls life when she moved from one side of the pull to the other. Can you guess which side she moved too?

1. Immense Hair Fall

2. What? Rs.25 ka Dhanyia???

3. CBC Jamadar Or Random Beggar, Expectation For Eidi Is Rs.500 At Least

4. “Mein Zyada Neighbours Sey Nahin Milti Hoon” Type Aunties Send Food To Our Place

5. OMG! I Live 5 Minutes Away From Dolmen

6. Biggest Confusion – Washing Machine? Or Hiring A Dhobhi? Because DHA = Water Shortage

7. But At Least My Mom Found Aunty Park To Hang Out With Her Friends Every Day

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