7 Types Of People You See In Every WhatsApp Group

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By now most of us have experienced being a part, or worst of all, managing a real group in life. Be it a friends group, a project group, a community workgroup or an event managing group; we all have seen the pitfalls, the highs, and lows, the narazgi and the mubahisa of the members. And after all, this, when you are obliged to create a Whatsapp group, you would rather gladly fall from a tall building than become the admin. Because managing a Whatsapp group demands patience that a normal human being is incapable of exercising.

Following are some of the types of people you would have to confront in an unfortunate Whatsapp group:

1. The Morning/Night Alarm:

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This is the person who is your punctual well-wisher. In fact, he/she means good for every one; friends, family, foes and never fails to share ‘Subha Bakhair’‘Shaba Khair’ and ‘Jummah Mubarak’ messages on group irrespective of whether someone needs all his/her khairs or not!

2. The ‘Always Ready’ Person:

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This is the person who is always up for a get-together. Be it 3:00 AM in the morning or 3:00 PM in the evening, he/she is always online and always available. You know that if you share a message then there will at least be someone endorsing, “Han jani chalo!” and trust me, even a one-person audience boosts up your confidence 😛

3. The Show Stopper:

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This kind of a person is called the Show Stopper because he/she pops in out of the blue during a conversation, stops it with his/her weird message and pops out just as quickly as he/she popped in. He/she is least bothered and least interested in what is happening in the group and amidst a surprise birthday party planning, if he/she pops up with Imran Khan’s picture with the slogan ‘Tabdeeli a nahi gaye, tabdeeli agai hai!’ then you shouldn’t be surprised.

4۔ The Seen but no Scene Soul:

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This is the person who has literally raped the word ethics 😛 He/she secretly reads every message, has the latest updates of what is going around, stalks everyone’s DP in the group and is of the opinion that participation in group discussion will lower his/her self-esteem. For his/her case, double ticks on message mean ‘Seen but no Scene’.

5. The Show Launcher:

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This is the person who needs all the pat on his/her back for his/her patience, time and energy. In most of the cases, he/she is the unfortunate Admin of the group. His/her basic task is ‘soti hoye qoum ko jagana’ just like Imran Khan and since he/she did the sin of creating a Whatsapp group in the first place so now he/she has no looking back except for keeping the group alive!

6. The Blind, Deaf, and Dumb:

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If this person’s senses work in real life then you can’t be sure because virtually his/her three senses are definitely out of order. This person lives in his/her own happy world and if dragged to an unwanted Whatsapp group, he/she will mute it for a year. You can’t kick him/her out because he/she will probably mind it and you can’t drag him/her in any conversation because well, it won’t read.

7. The Left one:

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This type of person is a pro at melodramas. He/she acts all like your ‘roothi hoi mehbooba’ and will leave the group on the slightest of all pretext. You have no option but to add him/her back because then just like your mehbooba, he/she will eventually get on your nerves which is already quite frail while managing the cursed group!

So, what type of person you are?

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