7 Types Of People That Must Do Online Shopping in Pakistan

7 Types Of People That Must Shop Online

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In Pakistan, Online shopping was initiated a couple of years ago. Thanks to 3G and 4G internet technology, it is now moving at a fast pace. Here is a list of 7 types of people that must shop online.

1. The Ultimate Swaggers

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If you strongly believe that you are a Gora or Gori but were mistakenly born in Pakistan, and you feel that local market cannot fulfill your sophisticated needs. You need not worry, because you can find online stores that import products from your homelands. The best thing about these e-tailers is that they can get you anything. Now you must be thinking of all the things you ever wanted, but couldn’t get here.

2. The Lazy Dorks

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Being a Pakistani, the benefit of shopping online closest to your heart, is that you don’t have to move your lazy a** off the couch while your mother tells you to get “Dahi” or “Sabzi” from the market. You can now just order it online while watching your favorite “Game of Thrones” or “Udaari” episode. Pakistans’ e-commerce market has such a huge variety of products to offer, ranging from daily durables to home appliances. Now you can chill out as long as you want, no matter what your family wants, it’s just a touch away.

3. The Shopaholics

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If you can’t sleep without going shopping daily and you end up spending all of your time in malls, and it leaves you with no time to socialize with your friends and family? Shopping online will be your greatest remedy.

4. The Work Machine

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If you are working for a big company that makes you work for more than 10 hours a day and your colleagues think you really need to make additions to your wardrobe, but you can’t catch a break. You just need to log into a couple of websites and make yourself look like Don Draper. Trust me your Peggy will be impressed.

5. “I Can’t Buy it Unless it’s on Sale” Wale

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For people who have such psyche, online shopping is like a dream come true, as you will find huge discounts on almost everything 24*7. On top of that, online shopping festivals like ‘Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF)’ will be your heaven on earth. If you are a choosy person and miss out on sales of your favorite brands, you can now set sale alerts of your favorite brands and stay updated.

6. “I Get Late Night Food Cravings” Wale

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If you seriously think that there is no solution to your late night food cravings, you even tried to hide a bag of Crisps under the bed from your younger siblings but it didn’t work out. Once again, the ultimate savior will be the online order to your favorite restaurant.

7. The Patriots

Types of People who do onlind shopping - Parhlo.com

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The trend of e-commerce in Pakistan is moving at a fast pace in Pakistan. The net value of purchases has grown from USD 30 million to 100 million this year and expected growth at a faster pace. E-commerce has the potential to become a major contributor to Pakistan in the near future. So I call all my pro-Pakistanis, especially the youth. to shop online and support e-commerce in all the possible ways since it is the way to change our economy and lead the future.

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